Never Sing Louder than Lovely - Andy Bey

Ballads, Blues and Bey

I'm going through a jazz phase right now. Always happens as we get into winter. I tend to dress a bit more trad in the cold months too. Not sure why that might be the case. Same with you? Anyway, Andy Bey's been figuring on many playlists, particularly tracks from the album Ballads, Blues and Bey.

Bey, an American jazz singer and pianist, has been performing and recording since the early sixties. In 1996 he brought out Ballads, Blues and Bey on the Evidence label, a stripped-back collection of standards. His heartfelt vocals given a tender, low-key almost world-weary piano accompaniment.

"Never sing louder than lovely" was the oft-repeated maxim of the Scottish singer Isobel Baillie, and also the title of her biography. (Must feature her in some way.) That's the feeling created by Ballads, Blues and Bey. Intimate is the word and a very personal listening pleasure it is.

Like Bey's Tie?

If you're liking the look of Bey's jazzy horizontal-striped tie in the top picture, New York might be your best bet to find similar. David Hart & Co., New York based tie-maker and retailer, has quite a few horizontal numbers in its collection. Thanks to our New York operative for the intelligence.

The Red Multi Stripe (below) in silk catches old Tweedy's eye. Hart's ties are hand-tailored in New York, many from the best English silk, tweeds and wool.


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