Bone Idols - Abbey Horn 1749

The Horn Age

Give me horn over plastic. Many products that are made in plastic lend themselves very well to the older, more natural material of horn. It's a very versatile material.

Anyway, our good friends at Abbey Horn are exemplars of the traditional craft of horn-working, a tradition that goes way back to a time when, actually how far does it go back? We have a Stone Age and Bronze Age, but no Horn Age? When did man first pick up the horn? I'm no anthropogenist, but this seems like a gap.

Horn-working has moved with the times though, and Abbey has many useful horn products that our early ancestors may have balked at using or used inappropriately (to our amusement). Silly ancestors.

Abbey Horn Items

Abbey Horn has a long history as a family-run business, tracing back to 1749,  and is currently owned by the Cleasby family. The company is based in Carnforth, Lancashire, England.

Abbey's products are manufactured in the UK with horn from trusted suppliers. The horn is typically a by-product being put to good use rather than discarded.

Gentlemen, may I interest you in the following from Abbey. 

First of all, the Money Clip (above). An unusual and attractive item for keeping your pounds, dollars or yen together. I won't say euros in case it's all change on that front.

Next, the specialist Beard Brush for keeping whiskers trim. Wooden brush of natural bristles with a veneer of horn on top.

Finally, the Oxhorn Clothes Brush. Poilshed horn with natural bristles. You can have your monogram carved on it too.

As you see, versatile.

"What about shoehorns, Tweedy?" you ask in chorus. We'll cover shoe horns from Abbey soon, including a fascinating description of how they're made. Stay connected horn lovers.


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