George Cleverley Shoes - In Great Shape

Cleverley - The Name

George Cleverley. Such an English-sounding name, one that feels so well-fitted to the fine English shoemaking for which G. J. Cleverley is famous, like it was crafted on one of their famous chiselled lasts. But where does the name originate? In 1898, George Cleverley was born into a family of London shoemakers. He got into the shoe trade at an early age, finishing his apprenticeship at 15.

After serving in the First World War he joined Tuczec, the Mayfair shoemakers and worked for them for 38 years. In 1958, he left to start G. J. Cleverley, his own business on Cork Street, Mayfair, London. The name and business soon became known for the quality of the shoes and the elegant chisel-toed 'Cleverley shape'.

George died in 1991, almost with an awl in his hand so much was his love of shoemaking.

He made sure the business was in good hands and the name could continue. John Carnera and George Glasgow, who had joined Cleverley's in 1978 and learned their craft directly from George, continue in the business that is now located in The Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street, London.

The two men have 90 years experience of shoemaking and ensure that anyone joining the business has enough training to maintain the high standards that make the name so highly regarded.

Cleverley - The Shoe

G. J. Cleverley offers three ranges: Bespoke, Anthony Cleverley - Semi-bespoke and Bench Made - Ready-to-Wear. All shoes are made with the best materials, such as Freudenberg calf leather and oak bark tanned soles.

Bespoke, of course, gives you a shoe that is handmade precisely for your foot in whatever design you choose. The ideal. Your ideal, in fact.

Semi-Bespoke shoes are machine-stitched and hand-finished and are available in many popular lines made famous by illustrious clients. The semi-bespoke is hand-lasted and hand-welted, as for the fully bespoke, to create a more defined shape. To achieve the shape, the waist is cut and bevelled and the heels worked by hand. Semi-bespoke can also be made-to-order for slight modifications to achieve a better fit.

Bench Made shoes are available in many popular styles. They are made with Goodyear welted soles and are hand-lasted.

I'm pointing out a couple of the styles that take my eye here. We have the Matthew in tan calf from the Bench Made range at the top. You'd need to get the right shade of grey, perhaps a burgundy or raising green, for the trousers to show those off well. We've also got the Park in dark green calf above and below. Lovely. (I'm still looking out for green shoes.)

World of Shoes: I'm thinking of a new feature, as always, called Love of Shoes (sub-title Sole Mates). If you're a Cleverley's bespoke customer and would like to show your unique creation to our politely appreciative audience, please get in touch. Tell us all about the shoes. We respect any requests for anonymity or we can splash your fizzog front and centre - we don't mind. Same applies for shoes from any of the other shoemakers we feature. Click the Footwear tag for more info.


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