Japanese Beer in Spain - Asahi Kuronama

Asahi Kuronama with Sushi

In many ways this post goes wholly against the editorial brief of The Tweed Pig (snigger). We are talking about a Japanese beer sampled in a sushi restaurant in Madrid. Not the Tweed Pig way, old boy. We don't 'do' restaurants and we only cover local food on our forays abroad, like the club philosophy of our friends at Berlin's Chelsea Farmer's Club: to wit, "Prefer regional cuisine and the British wardrobe."

But the beer was delicious and I was the guest of hospitable friends. It was also a good fit for the food - all being de Japon - so we'll publish and be damned. Kuronama is the name of the beer, based on the dunkel type, and brewed by Asahi in Osaka.

A ruby-coloured medium-bitter beer, made from three roasted malts, its sweetness went exceptionally well with the sushi it accompanied.

The restaurant is the Kabuki in the smashing Hotel Wellington, in Salamanca, Madrid. Try the sashimi de toro.


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