Sherlock Holmes Mystery Explained

The Tea Ritual

It's probably been bugging you. You watched the final episode of the new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, starring Tweed Towers favourite Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes, Martin Freeman as Watson and Andrew Scott as Moriarty - performing as an odd pantomime villain - and you just could not put the pieces together. "Whodunit?" you possibly kept repeating to yourself, perplexed.

Well today The Tweed Pig can reveal all. The chinaware Holmes and Moriarty enjoyed afternoon tea with is from a range called Home Sweet Home created by designer Ali Miller. We featured the china when we spoke of our dear friends Rosy Lee London, the tea merchants, sometime ago. Elementary. Now you can re-enact that famous scene in the comfort of your own home.

Did Holmes offer Moriarty biscuits or cake? Maybe that's why they don't get on.


  1. I am most entertained by Tweed Pig - I shall visit you often.


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