A Lot of Flannel from Alex James

Familiar Names in Aubin & Wills

I found myself in London this week. In a spare couple of hours, I sprinted round the usual haunts. I popped into the flagship shop of Aubin & Wills in Shoreditch. They seem to be doing many more interesting British collaborations than I remember of yore. Quite a few Made in Britain labels, and we can't ignore that.

Coats and accessories collaborations throw up the right names: Fox Brothers, Gloverall, The English Belt Company and Brady Bags. Young Mrs Tweed is currently wearing-in a pair of English-made brogue boots of theirs, which she's very pleased with. Fully leather-lined. Goodyear welt. We've been trying to track down the manufacturer. We're told it's Grenson.

Aubin & Wills, the sister company of Jack Wills, sets out to present "modern British design, inspired by the past, living in the present." Old Tweedy lives in the past, but is inspired by the present.

Alex James - Rock Star Gentleman of the Great British Countryside

Aubin & Wills have interesting collaborations with Brits themselves too. We covered Graham Coxon and his passion for Cordings. Well, here's another Blur person doing something that interests us. Alex James has collaborated with Aubin & Wills to create the three-piece Sandbanks suit in Fox Brothers flannel (above).

You may have an opinion on the short cut of the jacket, and the fact that it's only available in approximate sizes (small, medium, large et cetera), but the use of Fox Brothers flannel is a matchless choice.


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