Dirk Bogarde - Lyrics for Lovers

Dirk Bogarde - Actor, Writer, Talk-Singer

Dirk Bogarde, the British actor, born Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde, had quite a career. His acting day-job took him from matinee idol, playing film roles such as Dr. Simon Sparrow in the enjoyable Doctor series of films, to the art-house boundary-pushing of his later films, particularly the Italian ones. Visconti's Death In Venice and Cavani's Night Porter are career high-water marks.

Dirk also wrote successfully. His novels and memoirs have a light, witty flourish that are far from the wince-inducing literary diversions of many actors.

In spite of the characters he played, or the subject matter on which he wrote, there was always a quiet dignity and elegant demeanour to the man. His natural disposition is also in evidence on the neglected album Lyrics for Lovers.

Dirk Bogarde's - Lyrics for Lovers

Dirk Bogarde's Lyrics for Lovers came out in 1960 on London Records. It's been available on CD for some time.

Dirk delivers the lyrics of standard romantic songs in a confessional spoken-word style. With the warmth of his voice and its intimacy, it's one I like to play in the car a lot. The world seems a little more elegant as it's playing.

Eric Rogers, who composed scores for the Carry On series of films, provides the musical accompaniment with lush yet hushed arrangements.

The track Where or When features the best lighting of a cigarette ever put to record.


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