Tweed Pig Pin-Up - Frank Hamish Lloyd-Platt

Frank Hamish Lloyd-Platt - Founder and Owner - The Hamish

This is the first in an occasional series called The Tweed Pig Pin-up. I know, we've started a few of these occasional series and they've soon fizzled out, but we're hoping this one has legs. With The Tweed Pig Pin-up, we're going to bring a photo of someone or something that captures our attention at Tweed Towers, and a little story of what you can see in the photo. Nothing racy, it'll be more cardigans than corsets.

First up is Frank Hamish Lloyd-Platt. Frank is founder and owner of The Hamish, a web site design and development company. (In fact, it's through thinking of an excuse to post this photo that the series was invented. The Tweed Pig is a bit of a moveable feast, but it fits well on these pages, don't you think?)

About the Photo

Frank tells us about the photo.

I found the jumper on Cheshire street, off Brick Lane east London, and I liked the colour of it straight away. I am also wearing a wooden bow-tie and a shirt I had made in India from embroidered towel fabric. I left it in the dry cleaners a couple of months back, so someone might have a jazzy Christmas present this year!

The photo is taken by my cousin Rory at a Christmas party at my house a few years ago. The 'lifetimes supply' of mustard was a present from my mum! The photograph got such a good response I use it on my business cards, and I have cheekily submitted it to Colman's to use on their next advertising campaign. No response yet though.


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