Friday, 2 October 2015

Iestyn Davies - Dowland Mini Concert

Morrissey of Elizabethan England
Both fans, a reader and I agreed that the music of John Dowland is more suitable for the darker, colder months; it's melancholy, introspective stuff. The lyrics of Dowland's songs would have Morrissey sharpening his pompadour in envy.

As if on reflex to the shortening days, I sought out the mini Dowland concert (below) from one of our favourite counter-tenors Iestyn Davies this morning.

Eric Clapton of the Lute
Iestyn Davies performed the concert for NPR with lutenist Thomas Dunford, dubbed the 'Eric Clapton of the lute' — absolutely exquisite singing and playing; and perfect for small, intimate settings like the pages of The Tweed Pig.

You can download the audio here.

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