The Dram Chair with Glenlivet

We all have our favourite rituals when enjoying a snifter of whisky — the glass, the location, the scotch egg, the cravat. But what about the chair? A leather wing-back armchair might be your slump-on chair of choice, but taking a look at the Dram Chair above may shake you out of your (admittedly endearing) stick-in-the-mud routine.

Furniture maker Gareth Neal from London designed the Dram Chair in collaboration with Speyside whisky distillery The Glenlivet (1824 — the oldest legal distillery in the region, now owned by Pernod Ricard) to embody the qualities of their Nàdurra (Gaelic for natural) range of whiskies.

The chair is constructed from oak, copper, and oak-dyed leather. The chosen materials are inspired by the oak barrels used to store whisky and from which it acquires its colour.

Great aplomb
It's a lovely looking chair, created with great aplomb from simple, honest and appropriate materials; and serviceable for outdoor use. I think we can avoid using the word synergy, but seeing the bottle and glass on the armrests does make one think they rather belong together.

The chair is available from The New Craftmen.

Drinking cravat
The Glenlivet's Nàdurra range of whiskies inspires the chair. Nàdurra single-malt whiskies range is produced in small batches using traditional 19th century methods and no chill filtration. The range includes 16-year-old batches and whiskies aged in casks that might have previously stored sherry, bourbon or nothing at all (a 'first-fill' cask). New to the range is the amber-coloured and smoky Nàdurra Peated, which is finished in casks that previously held heavily peated whisky. Bottoms up.

Now where did I put my drinking cravat?


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