Trafalgar Day at Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

I've enjoyed a terrific snip each time I've visited Truefitt & Hill, though it isn't my regular barbershop. My usual man has commented favourably at the results. He knows I have the occasional flings at other establishments. We 've been through many hairstyles together. Would I ever consider leaving him for good? Well he is surly and bad-tempered. If Truefitt & Hill opened a branch in deepest Somerset, he might be on borrowed time.

Truefitt's kit is pretty damn excellent too. Who amongst us hasn't enjoyed the sublime scent of their West Indian Limes on a summer's day?

210 Years — 25% Saving

T&H are 210 this year. How a company survives so long deserves a round of applause from all of us. This veritable British company started in the same year as the Battle of Trafalgar. The year a battle changed the course of British history, a barbershop changed the grooming rituals of British men — and we could smell nice. If memory serves well, Truefitt and Hill were court wig makers at that time.

To commemorate this auspicious date, T&H are offering a generous 25% off their (fresh and oceanic) 1805 and (spicy wood) Trafalgar ranges until midnight on October the 21st — Trafalgar Day.

Use these discount codes gents:
  • For the 1805 range: 18052015
  • For the Trafalgar range: TRAF2015
If you are near one of their branches on the 21st, do pop in as T&H will be celebrating with champagne and truffles.

England expects that every man will do his duty.


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