I Came to Your Halloween Party Dressed as a Shadow

Piano Magic

If you are going to a Halloween Party this evening, why not go as a shadow? Piano Magic will explain the hows and whys with the excellent I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow [Amazon], originally released in 2001 and put to video here by Davide Crespo.

Quite Spooky Song

Piano Magic formed as a musical collective in 1996 and has gone through a few personnel changes since then. The current line-up contains a single original member in Glen Johnson, with the four other full-time members you see above and below — looking winningly smart, yet strange and Gothic.

It is wholly insufficient to say that I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow is indicative of their sound, which is musically shape-shifting, blending genres that might be said to intersect somewhere between intelligent indie electronica and dark-baroque pop if that was not too narrow (or confusing) a description. They have also been described as 'English radiophonic soundscapers', which might be getting nearer to a definition.

I tend to enjoy listening to them late at night when I'm cleaning surgical implements, if that helps.


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