The Return of the Donkey Jacket

Donkey Jacket - British Workwear Classic

How's this for a turn up for the books. We see that the donkey jacket has been making something of a return. By my reckoning this once staple piece of British workwear hasn't been in much evidence since the early 80s when it was adopted by skinheads - part of their puritanically anti-fashion and clean-cut aesthetic - as an alternative to a Crombie. Dexys Midnight Runners (above) wore them a lot during their Searching for the Young Soul Rebels period. The history of the donkey jacket as a garment for labourers goes back to the Victorian era. In the service industry era it has risen again.

The Watchgate - Bringing Together George Keys and British Millerain

Instead of the traditional leather shoulder panels, the Watchgate woollen donkey jacket from Aubin & Wills. It is made in the UK by George Keys (1870), and uses waxed cotton from the British Millerain Company. I can't find any info on George Keys. George, if you read this, please get in touch.

If you're attracted to British utilitarian clothing, you don't need to look like you're clocking-on for a shift in a mine. A donkey jacket with maybe a tattersal shirt underneath, a pair of mustard-coloured moleskin trousers and some well-worn oxblood brogues should do it.


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