Trembling Bells

The great Trembling Bells are releasing their new album Dungeness later this year on Coventry label Tin Angel Records. If Christ's Entry Into Govan (video below) is anything to go by, we'll be in for an absolute treat.

Trembling Bells was formed by drummer Alex Neilson (top) in 2008. People hear the right kind of influences in a sound that encompasses elements of psychedelic rock and British folk.
Wild with musical imagination
Are they the new Fairport Convention? Is Lavinia Blackwall (below) the new Sandy Denny? These are not idle comparisons. Lavinia, it must be said, has a heavenly voice. Trembling Bells are supremely accomplished musicians making music that is simply wild with musical imagination and invention, which means it is a million miles from the pap being spoon-feed to us by the major record labels.

Tiresome similes
If you're looking for conveyor-belt musical product replete with auto-tuned vocals, lyrics with tiresome similes — like a firework, like a diamond, like a flashlight, like a wrecking ball — like a yawn! — the 'millenial whoop' and some brain dead rap shoehorned in for good measure at the three-minute mark, then — actually, why? You're cheapening the culture and should be ashamed of yourself. Buy several Trembling Bells albums as penitence.


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