The Photogenic Guernsey

At the start of the year I took a circular walk around the historic town of Falmouth in Cornwall. A sou' wester would have been a good idea. I was glad to see a good many Falmouth chandlers stock them. The rain was fairly pummelling the town all day. It was cold too. Weather governs what might appeal on any given day. Cosy cafés to shelter from the deluge were found in Picnic and the Gylly Beach café. Warmth was found in the jumpers sold by Wull on Falmouth High Street.

Wull sells British-made knitwear. What with the caw of seagulls above my head and the sound of a distant foghorn out to sea, how could I resist this Guernsey-style fisherman's jumper?

The jumper is supplied by Atlantic Shore Knitwear of St. Ives. It is made in England from British wool. It's their best-seller, and not without reason.

The jumper has a Polperro pattern, unique to the fishing village, back and front. He's a photogenic blighter. Look at him hogging the dismal English daylight in this photo.

The nice Scottish lady in Wull said that although this type of jumper is v. hard-wearing the repeated design and mirrored construction means that should the elbows wear out you simply reverse its wear. This is typical of traditional fishing sweaters. Or is that only the jumpers with the boat-shaped neck? It might be, come to think about it.


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