Onward Christian Trousers

When my Peter Christian Ocean Donegal Tweed Jacket and Waistcoat last had an outing, I was considering what moleskin trousers might make a match. Trying not to overthink, I took a stab at Peter Christian's jean-style moleskins in a rusty red colour.

I'm reasonably pleased with the results. At least I don't think the jacket and trousers kill each other. The trouser colour is picked up in the flecks of the tweed too. The rusty red is not difficult to combine either and looks very good with creamy tattersall shirts.

No softlings
The trousers are very soft, almost like they've been worn in for me — no stiffness at all — but they're no softlings. Behind that velvety exterior lies strength. Here we see the trousers with a 4-ply cashmere sweater, which has a similar softness quotient. I was extremely comfortable that day, let me tell you; and reasonably huggable, I suppose, if ever I was prepared to let anyone near me. I prefer to leave that kind of stuff to the emotionally incontinent.


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