Calibro 35 Strike Again

After a decade producing high-octane, genre-consolidating soundtrack funk and jazz music, Italian band Calibro 35 has a new album out called, well, DECADE. Goodness gracious, does this band make a great sound. If you are at all interested in 70s Italian poliziotteschi soundtracks and experimental library music, Calibro 35 will be of interest and then some.

Italian exploitation music
Calibro's first album comprised covers of classic soundtracks by masters such as Morricone and Trovajoli, but also some original compositions — and you would be hard pressed to spot the difference.

Since their first release, reputation has grown along with a dedicated following. After ten years of fine-tuning, DECADE might be their sweetest musical conjuring yet.

Go on, sample the tracks below and ask yourself how you will be unable to live without this album.

Not for milksops
SuperStudio — video of the track below — isn't music for milksops in Star Wars t-shirts; it's muscular music, and it's perfect for when you are out driving in your string-back leather gloves with a delightful companion in the passenger seat for company. Some might feel tempted to play air drums at the traffic lights. Be advised: that delightful companion might consider you a twit for doing so.


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