Pressed into Service

Tom Affordable

Not normally my line, but I'm quite impressed with the trousers coming out of the Tom Ford stable at the moment. Here we see a pair in a kind of dimpled, heavy-duty white cotton drill. Made in Switzerland, with the best in fastenings and zips and whatnot. They're lined to the knee for comfort and drape. The trousers are, frankly, bang up to the elephant.

In terms of percentage wear over a decade, I've done my calculations and the results equalled sound investment.  Tom Affordable. I'm happy to bring in the odd big name if they supply traditional and timeless in limited numbers with good use of materials. Time will tell, but I don't see these trousers ageing.

Serviceable Leg Coverers

Look at the photo below. Imagine the trousers without the crease. They just wouldn't look quite as tickety-boo. A crease, like decanting wine, can turn a mediocre trouser into a perfectly serviceable leg coverer, but with a decent pair of strides magic happens. These are rather casual trousers, but they look more presentable with a crease.

Putting aside the styles of trousers that aren't designed for creases — moleskins for one — a trouser without a crease can be an indicator of indifference to the world and a woeful lack of self-respect says the scientific community at large. Policy wonks should take note.

Achieving a Good Crease

How to achieve a decent crease and keep it there? We've written about the pleasures of the Corby trouser press before. That's a good option for refreshing a crease.

If you're looking to manufacture a good crease with some hot ironing action, think Lelit.

The Italian iron (and espresso coffee) makers Lelit offer you an entire ironing station — as professional a set up as you need at home. You get the same kit beloved of the fashion industry and noble laundries. A station comprises ironing machine (iron and separate boiler) and board. The PS1 1N ironing machine (below) is big enough for home use (they have much bigger options). The iron has an admirable 2.5 to 5.5 bar of pressure and can pump out steam from 32 chambers for an hour and a half.

The iron has a corked handle and great balance — it feels good in the hand.

I'd suggest a match with a sweet Lelit vacuum ironing board. The PA71N has a pedal to create a vacuum on the surface of the board to stop it getting wet, speed up the process and improve the press. Though with this kit you'll be in no hurry.

No excuses for your trousers now.

Confession: I enjoy ironing. I find it helps corral the old thoughts like a nice stroll. I normally watch films from the 1940s as I push the iron about. Works for me. Do you have a favoured ironing technique? Feel free to share with the boys below.


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