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If you forget where we are in the social season, Amberley Hampers have a handy timeline. We're deep into the season right now, with Wimbledon in full volley and the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show recently wilting. Your cream linen suit and Panama hat should be getting plenty of action.

Amberley and I encourage you to organise and take a picnic to many of these events. A good picnic can really make a trip memorable. You won't remember who you saw playing on No.3 Court, but boy do you remember the tiffin: the smell of that strawberry salad and the taste of that incredible coronation chicken sandwich you devoured on Henman Hill.

Amberley Hampers was founded in 1989. It's a family business. We love family businesses; and inter-generational ones are even better. Family businesses tend to care more about service. Sophie Shaw and James Allen are curating the Amberley operation for future generations at present.

Amberley hampers are woven from highest grade willow and fitted to order in Amberley's Surrey workshop in England. You can choose hampers of different sizes and fittings for every occasion.

The Goodwood Hamper

That's the Goodwood Picnic Hamper in cream with four place settings below. It has a traditional suitcase design, with a carrying handle and side holds for lifting. The hamper is also available in tan. I might be tempted to increase it to six place settings so that dear old Choccy can tag along. He loves picnics.

What do we see inside? We see English bone china mugs and plates, Dubarry cutlery, a British-made tartan picnic rug with waterproof backing, and crystal champagne glasses.

The leather and brass fittings are crafted in England.

The wicker basket is made from English willow woven in England.

We see, in fact, everything you need to support a lifetime of picnicking adventure.

And with Amberley you can be assured that your picnic hamper will remain a complete summer companion. Say Choccy acts the ruddy fool and breaks a glass trying to juggle boiled eggs after too many glasses of punch. (It wouldn't surprise anyone.) No problem — Amberley can dispatch a replacement forthwith for almost uninterrupted picnic pleasures.


  1. The leather on many hampers often looks naff. These look like the goods!

  2. Good show! I've been looking for a proper hamper for quite some time now.

    1. Thanks Ramy. Amberley have quite a collection to choose from.


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