White Beauty - Shoes by Cheaney

Meaning of Contentment

When I first wore these Joseph Cheaney & Sons shoes in off-white nubuck I knew the meaning of contentment. Since then I've been holding back on wearing them in earnest.

The truth is they deserve a decent bout of sunshine to really show them off at their best, but in reality I have also been a little squeamish about them being mucked up. I think that means they've been practically incarcerated in their shoe box for a couple of years.

Listen, I don't mind the shoes picking up a well-earned scuff. I'm prepared for that. They tell a story like a duelling scar on the face of German Mensuren. And it's not like the shoes are fragile. Far from it. The shoes are built by Cheaney to last. I'm just not prepared to countenance the shoes taking flak from squall and mud and wet. What sort of a man would I be if I did?

I have to get through this impasse though. Otherwise I'm just a collector. This year out they come, (chance of) rain or shine.

Nubuck Newness

A concerned anonymous caller seeking reassurance — ahem —  contacted Cheaney's Shoe Room specialists. The department is responsible for finishing Cheaney shoes. They advised to remove any marks from the nubuck with the gentle and cautious application of 600-grit sandpaper.
Not on your nelly, old chum!
Great advice. Initially, I blanched at the thought. Scouring that beautiful white complection? Not on your nelly, old chum! But now that I have a strip of this rather smooth sandpaper on standby in my shoe cleaning kit. I'm confidant it will do the trick under the circs.

I now feel ready to make those first tentative steps to releasing my shoes into the wild.


  1. Not just white nubuck but the famed and rare as hen's teeth tarsal strap, too - the very definition of between the wars summer style in footwear.

    1. Thanks for mentioning. Maybe I should have. Maybe that flourish deserves a post on its own. Best wishes, Tweedy


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