Cary Grant - To Catch a Blazer

It Ends Here

You've no idea how long I've been looking for an off-the-shelf jacket that comes close to the flannel blazer worn by Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.

Gentlemen, I believe the Honeycomb patch jacket from New England and New York Ivy League outfitters J. Press in a 50/50 wool and cotton fabric is close enough. (And I'm tired of looking.)

Beware the Yale wolves in their J. Press suits
What was the problem? Well, three button jackets of a sensible length are (still)  pretty thin on the ground nowadays. Then the jacket had to be floppy — unlined and without padding — and have patch pockets. The colour also had to be there or thereabouts. I think Cary's is a flat colour of grey-blue, but the J. Press jacket has a pinpoint blue pattern. I don't mind, if you don't. No, I really like this jacket from J. Press. It has summer written all over it. Loose, comfortable, airy and mod-friendly.

In fact, I think I prefer the J. Press jacket. Sorry Cary.


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