Grey Fox - My Little Whangee

A warm welcome to the Fox Umbrellas (1868) 'cub' recently released into the wilds of Tweed Towers. I'm a full-lengther when it comes to umbrellas generally, but sometimes I'll drop a telescopic in the old briefcase to keep the other mitt free.

Fox cub
My last full-length Fox umbrella was a navy blue tube umbrella with whangee crook — the GT9 — which I brought into the pictures shown here. I didn't want him to feel left out.

Whangee is a terrific material for an umbrella handle. Being of the bamboo family, it's light but also head-wearing and weather resistant. The natural knobbles of the whangee help with grip in the wet.

Navy is a decent colour for an umbrella canopy, but grey is a very complementary colour. I have a black umbrella with a black gloss handle, but outside work hours it may be a bit formal.

What next? I see a full-length umbrella with a horn handle and maroon canopy joining the others in the umbrella stand. There's plenty of room yet. When a pig is introduced to Fox's Animal Head Handle range, perhaps one of those will join too. The amount of rainfall we get in the UK, you can never have too many umbrellas.


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