DAKS in Henley

Suum Cuique

The video for the DAKS spring and summer collection was shot by Adam Whitehead at Fawley Court country club in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Due to its position, Fawley has become a favoured destination for the Regatta crowd in summer.

The delightful model in the video looks resplendent in the wonderful DAKS house check. (My gosh, I fall in love too easily.) The red-checked suit the chap is wearing in the clip holds my interest too, though the spring summer collection ventures a little too far off-piste in its Indian influence for my traditional western tastes. Suum cuique.

It's not what they're aiming for, clearly, but you wouldn't get into the Henley Regatta wearing most of the DAKS summer collection — dress code, don't you know. Glad to see that a tie or cravat is still required on Temple Island.

And since people seem to be forgetting how to dress respectfully for others, it appears that we need more dress codes out there to remind them. What's that? You'd like to see a rule introduced for the wearing of a shirt and tie to the supermarket? I'm glad you're taking a stand.


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