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Wee Tea Company

News is out. Or at least it was a couple of years ago. (Time moves very slowly at Tweed Towers.) Apparently, for some time now Scottish tea has been producing world-beating tea.

The Wee Tea Company continues to garner all kinds of accolades for their Dalreoch Smoked White Tea.

Dalreoch tea is (most certainly) grown in 'the foothills of the Scottish Highlands' in Perthshire. The Wee Tea Company says that because 'the plants are under stress for the majority of the harvesting period they naturally produce a finer leaf quality.'  I picture serried ranks of shivering tea plants.

A delicate smokiness is added to the Dalreoch Smoked White Tea using local beech wood to 'complement the natural sweetness of the tea'.

Scottish Tea Plantations

Dalreoch tea isn't the only tea grown in Scotland. The Wee Tea Company has become something of a hub for Scottish tea plantations scattered over the highlands, lowlands and islands, creating an informal cooperative that self-sustains and assists — a business model that always creates the best products for the consumer, and in this case brings sublime top-end loose-leaf tea-tasting experiences to the market.

Scottish teas also available through TWTC:
  • Garrocher Grey grown at Garrocher Market Garden in the Scottish Lowlands, Dumfries in Galloway.
  • Scottish Antlers stem tea grown on the Isle of Mull by husband and wife team Martyn and Reverend Liz Gibson.

More in Tea News

Fortnum's have remained true to tea like no other company, but they should also be acknowledged for their continuously loyal support of British food suppliers and manufacturers for the several hundred years they've been in existence (and inventing the scotch egg).

True to form, Fortnum's stock teas from The Wee Tea Company. They also provide the best English china from which to appreciate them, giving you more than enough reason to set aside time from the demands of your day to take tea properly.

Note that on taste alone tea should never be drunk from anything other than fine china. I'm sure you're patently aware of the conclusive research behind this fact. 

Fortnum's exclusive Camellia tea service is made in the Staffordshire Potteries. Camellia Sinensis is the Latin name given to the tea plant, which is represented in the pattern.

The design of the Camellia range is inspired by the colours used on the interior of Fortnum's Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon — designed by David Collins Studio —  and, in particular, the hand-painted wallpaper with its splendid little bluebirds who look like they're eyeing up your Battenburg cake ready to swoop.


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