September's Here Again


Hello and let me extend a handshake to you. It seems like centuries since we chewed a bun together. I hope you've kept the country in good order since I've been away? Ready to return to the coalface? I know the feeling.

So, the House of Commons adjourned on the 21st of July for summer recess and returns to sit again today. (No doubt they'll be working hard to achieve all that we ask of them.) It's still warmish here in Somerset, so I'd recommend something like the three-piece wool fresco pinstripe suit from The English Cut (above) for our local MP's return today.  The English Cut was founded by former Anderson & Sheppard cutter Thomas Mahon. Looking at his website — Do all MPs have websites now? — our MP doesn't appear to wear ties much, so the suit might be of more interest to Jacob Rees-Mogg over in neighbouring North Somerset. He's quite fogeyish — and they're saying that fogeydom is once more in the ascendancy in the UK. Is that an effect of the post-Brexit 'Brenaissance'?

Whilst out of the country, it's been too hot to wear anything. Numb with gin most of the time, I've become dewy-eyed with a hankering for the odd thing from home on occasion — most notably this silk tie from Cordings.

They say this tie with the Cordings crest personifies 'inimitable British style' and it's hard to disagree.

It's good to be back, gents.

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Don't hack away at your inbox like a loon when you return to work. Pace yourself and allow time to disengage from the sturm und drang of corporate life.  Why not head out into the park this lunchtime with your cheese and pickle sandwich and follow the advice of The Cloud Appreciation Society — look up.

The society believes that we should fight the 'banality of "blue sky" thinking' and live life with our head in the clouds. This advice reminds me of Room with a View and George Emerson's reflection: 'My father says there is only one perfect view, and that's the view of the sky over our heads.'


  1. Welcome back tweedy,thankyou for giving meaning to a life spent watching the early autumn quantock leaves falling.
    James B

    1. Thanks James. Ah, the Quantocks in autumn. Best wishes, Tweedy


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