Black Tot Day with Pusser's Rum

Splicing the Mainbrace

Today's the day the Royal Navy ended its tradition of supplying a daily ration of rum to sailors. The 31st of July is known as a Black Tot Day. The Queen is still allowed to issue an order to splice the mainbrace and provide sailors with a measure to reward good service, which she does.

The bos'n piped Up Spirits for the last time on this day in 1970; the tradition ending disappointingly on health and safety grounds.

You may not keep up with your own daily tot, but today, if any, deserves a drop of Nelson's blood in your veins. Pusser's remains the rum of choice at Tweed Towers, as it was for the Royal Navy. Remember we tried their 15-year-old rum? Absolutely splendid stuff.

Pusser's also produces Overproof (top), a high-strength rum made for layering in a cocktail like a Rum Runner. Overproof comes in at a manly 75% alcohol by volume, and is only available in Germany, apparently — until we petition our local Pusser's rep that is. I'm no killjoy, but it probably is best to avoid operating machinery after a couple of measures of this one.


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