Happy Saint George's Day

England — Green, Calm, Sane and Exciting

Happy St. George's day to all our English readers.

I thought it might be a good day to dig out my old 7-inch — The Heart of England. The record has three tracks intended as 'sound pictures' to illustrate the charm of England.

We have Daybreak at a Surrey Farm and In a Village Churchyard on Side 1; Changes on Bells, 'Stedman Caters' on Side 2.

I can't play it to you, but I'm sure you will appreciate the cover and the sleeve notes that remind us that 'England is still green, calm, sane and exciting'.

Stedman Caters - Jolly Nice Sound

The notes say that the bells of St. Margaret's, Westminster (founded 960) — 'a gay socialite of a church' — were used in the recording of the Stedman Caters composition on Side 2.

Stedman Caters is a ringing style. I can't find a recording from St. Margaret's, which is known as the church for the House of Commons, but we can hear Stedman at King's Norton below. And a jolly nice (and big) sound it is too.

Looks like fun? If you fancy the idea of bell ringing in the English tradition, with rope and wheel, why not get in touch with the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Perhaps you will be ringing in St George's Day next year.


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