Rabitos Royale - Chocolate Astonishment

Delightful Little Tails

I picked up these chocolate delicacies during my latest trip to Spain. Rabitos Royale (little tails) are produced by La Higuera, a family business that started in 1989. La Higuera is located in the town of Almoharin, Extremadura, which is renowned for an excellent variety of sweet figs called calabicita. 

With its biblical origins, they say that tasting the fig — the fruit of the philosophers — is like tasting 4000 years of civilisation. Impressive in itself, but La Higuera tries and improves on that experience by injecting the fig with chocolate truffle and liqueur and dipping it in chocolate.

Improve they have — a star is born, gentlemen. These are a taste sensation. You can buy them online or you can pester your local Waitrose until they stock them.


  1. Dear sir:
    I check your blog frequently and I like to read your articles. Just a comment: rabitos does not mean rabbits, but little tails (referred to the fig tail). I agree with you: They are delicious.
    Best regards

    1. Thanks Anon. I've no idea why I wrote rabbits. (Too many crème de menthes?) I've corrected this silliness. Best wishes, Tweedy


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