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World-Famous Cordings

Ask a foreign bod where to go to get the English look and they'll say Savile Row and Jermyn Street; but when it comes down to individual shops London's Cordings is likely to be the first and only one on their lips. And not without reason. Since 1839, this shop has dressed the Great British in the greatest British country clothing: the dreadnought coat, the Newmarket boot, the tweed jacket, the corduroy trouser, the covert coat, the Macintosh, the tattersall shirt. Right-minded Anglophiles want a piece of that action.

Tweedy's Request: Cordings, if you have any archive advertisements, please send on and let me share. Our readers and I would be most grateful.  

Colourful Cordings

Enter Cordings today and — as well as seeing Eric Clapton and Graham Coxon trying on suits, and humming their latest songs contentedly (or Tweedy humming off-key) — you will see flashes of colour amongst the tweed.

I'm very impressed with Cordings' crisp cotton trousers in brightly elegant and unafraid colours. I was torn between the lime and the pink they have available, but went for pink in the end. They're an excellent fit and a flattering cut — not too narrow or too loose. They have a button fly and a French bearer to keep things smooth at the front. The cotton is perhaps a mid-weight, yet very sturdy to the touch. In Britain, you could wear these right the way through from spring to mid-autumn. These trousers are wardrobe classics and it's worth building up a collection.

Be quick if you want a pair. My Cordings contact says they have limited quantities of these trousers and they're being taken from the rails rather quickly.


  1. Lovely trousers undoubtedly, but where's that jacket from? Looks great.

    1. Thanks Matthew. A chambray jacket from the now defunct Aubin & Wills. I had high hopes for that brand, with their support for UK manufacturing.

  2. great chinos! One question, is it possible to obtain a very sharp crease when pressed? I'm looking for a chino that stays crisp if having a crease. I know,it's somehow weird but that's how I like them. Thanks!

  3. great trousers!
    2 questions:
    1. Which size are you wearing?
    2. If you press those chinos, is it possible to obtain a sharp crease which stays all day long? that's been my problem with chinos, I find them never crisp enough, I know it's not wool and it's hard to expect that, though I must say I only have chinos in the summer so I want something quite clean. Have you trieed pressing them very sharply? Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks Alexandre. These would be a 32 waist. You can actually get a very sharp crease in these. They are not in a floppy cotton, but a crease-friendly drill. Best wishes, Tweedy

  4. Thank you very much Tweedy! This sounds great! Best wishes too, Alexandre


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