The Grand National - Crabbie's Ginger Beer

The Sponsor

Ah, you know we're properly moving into Spring when the Boat Race and The Grand National appear on the calendar. This is quite the British sporting weekend, with the National on Saturday and the Boat Race on Sunday. They aren't normally on the same weekend, are they?

Crabbie's Ginger Beer becomes the new sponsor of The Grand National this year. How is that for a fit? It seems pretty good to me. I'm holding out for sponsorship of The Tweed Pig. We've had some very odd offers between you and me. Are we so hard to pin down, marketing-wise? You wouldn't believe that they'd read a single word on here.

The Wager

Anyway, the bit you've been waiting for — my tip for the race. I'm plumping for a cautious each-way bet on Tidal Bay. Wishing all the riders a safe ride, and all punters the best of luck.


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