Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race - Czech and Speake

Come on, Oxford! Come on, Cambridge! Come on, dead heat! — it's happened once. The Boat Race is now in its 185th year. Let's hope neither boat sinks, and we get a well-matched race; and a bit of Sunday sunshine would be nice. Even for non-oarsmen, it can be quite the spectator sport.

Czech and Speake

Czech and Speake was founded by Frank Sawkins in the 1970s. His vision was to bring uncompromising quality to the bathroom, first through fixtures and fittings, then with accessories and fragrances. Frank is still at the helm, and he is still driving that vision. The company has showrooms in Jermyn Street and Pimlico Road, London.

Inspired by the quintessentially English sporting tradition of the Boat Race, Czech and Speake now supply a lavender-based fragrance called Oxford & Cambridge. The invigorating fragrance "contains a blend of English and French lavender, topped with herbaceous peppermint and rosemary essential oils with bergamot on a base of warm oak moss." It's available as an aftershave (below), or as a shaving soap, in the attractive looking aluminium dish (above).


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