Paul Stuart Pops Over to Auld Reekie

Paul Stuart - Nice Photoshoot

I think we can let the photos that accompany the Paul Stuart winter collection do the talking today. Bask in the Scottishness of the settings, showing off Stuart's impressively traditional clothes against an Edinburgh background. (The nicest city in Scotland, but don't tell Glasgow.) If they'd have said they were coming to Great Britain, I would have put the kettle on and invited them round for teacakes.

We have the bagpiper above. Below we have the Flying Scotsman and a man perfectly attired in brown trilby and covert coat for a British horse race meeting.

Here we see reflectiveness by a loch, followed by a snifter of whisky in a local hostelry. The man at the back of the pub looks decidedly dodgy.

Most of the Scottish 'boxes' ticked. Would have been nice to see haggis somewhere. I adore haggis (it cures hangovers). Haggis tip: splash a bit of whisky on as a condiment when your haggis is piping hot.

Paul Stuart - British Authenticity

Once again, our favourite Anglo-American retailer melds the Union Jack with the Stars and Stripes in its sourcing of the finest British clothing to complement its collection.

The Shetland Wool Cable Knit Sweater in lovely heathery colours is made in Scotland:

The Woven Silk Tartan Plaid Tie (self-tipped) is made in England:

The Suede Double Monk Strap shoes are made in England:


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