Taylor's Celebrated Cutlery - Made in Sheffield

Sheffield - Steel City

Sheffield still has an association with the steel industry. It was very close to becoming something Sheffield was famous for, but the industry didn't disappear entirely. And what has emerged in recent years is an industry that has found new vigour through innovation, technology and focus on quality. Made in Sheffield still means something, particularly in the manufacture of advanced materials for niche industries.

It's not all about producing metal sheeting for aircraft though. Some of the older skills remain, keeping Sheffield's cutlery heritage alive. You can still own a little bit of hand-made Sheffield steel.

Taylor's Eye Witness - The Blades

Taylor's Eye Witness was established in 1820 by John Taylor in Sheffield. The company is still based in Sheffield—and their Victorian cutlery works, built in 1852, is still in operation. Taylor's famous Eye Witness 'eye' trademark was granted in 1838.

Tweedy's Idea: Why don't they create a visitor centre in the works, with tea rooms and so on. I'd visit and so would you.

Taylor's Premier Collection range of pocket knives are made by hand in their Sheffield works. The presentation box of the knife is signed by the craftsman that made it. The knives are made in limited numbers and come with a lifetime guarantee.

That's a Lambsfoot with burr handle below. At the top we have Gentleman's Clip Point with ox horn handle. Add one to your collection, chaps.

Here's a video of the manufacturing process. Lot's of hammering to produce a Barlow knife.

Thinking of Visiting Sheffield?

If you're thinking of visiting Sheffield, why not visit the Bath Hotel? The pub is run by our very good friends at Thornbridge Brewery.


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