The Watch Chain Reinvented

Chain with Cigar Cutter

You know I sometimes carry a cigar cutter? The guillotine-style cutter dangles from an Edwardian silver watch chain — graduated links, individually hallmarked — I keep in the breast pocket. Unfortunately, this style of cigar cutter cannot pass through security at airports. And wearing the chain without something on the end seems a bit silly. Esse est percipi.

I'm a wristwatch not a pocket watch wearer, so the chain has tended to stay at home on short trips abroad. Poor old chain, it's missed some terrific adventures.

But try to hold back the tears chaps; there's a happy ending to this sorry tale...

The Future Revealed - Chain with Flash Drive

I was packing for my next trip abroad. I had a few film and music recommendations from readers to catch up on, and I'd loaded them on to a flash drive to plug in to the TV in my hotel room. But where to put the flash drive safely and keep it from being lost?

Then I hit on an idea. What better way of keeping my flash drive safe than attaching it to my chain? A click on the spring clasp and it was securely in the pocket. I had found a new purpose for my chain and my flash drive was safe.

The chain reinvented, gentlemen.

Cigar cutter anecdote: One time when I was in Split, Croatia, I bought some cigars from a tobacconists. The member of staff who served me asked how long I would be staying in the city. I said a couple of days. He then handed me a beautiful cigar cutter and asked me to bring it back before I left. Top marks to Split.


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