Marlborough World Decanter - A Picnic Tradition

Every Day is Picnic Day

The Marlborough World coffee and cognac decanter I revealed back in spring has been used a lot this summer, as anticipated. Perhaps more than anticipated with this run of fine weather. Too much? Never. We won't be getting picnic fatigue at Tweed Towers, because we're well aware of the long, cold months that lie ahead. Let's enjoy our Madras and seersucker right now. Soon we'll be back to tweeds and Melton cloth.

Finishing off a picnic with coffee and brandy, and the odd cigar, whilst lazily contemplating the beauty of cloud formations, is now a welcome part of the picnicking ritual. A new tradition is born.

The Construction of the Decanter

The leather decanter container is hand-made. Four people are involved in the construction process over eight hours.
  1. First, vegetable tanned leather is cut to size and then split and skived to make it thinner and easier to work with. The leather is sourced from a supplier in England.
  2. The edges are stained, then turned and stitched together to form the shape of the container.
  3. The bottom and internal parts are then assembled and attached to hold the glass decanters and flask. The shoulders of the decanters are finished in chrome-plated solid brass.


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