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Hamilton & Hare - The London Boxer Short People

Without going into too much detail, I normally switch to boxer shorts from my usual briefs in high summer. But why do I prefer white briefs, yet blue boxer shorts? It just doesn't make sense. I'm going to go out on a limb here though and suggest a white boxer short with blue detail, and unite this seemingly irreconcilable dichotomy.

A British company, based in London, Hamilton & Hare specialises in the boxer short. Launched in 2012 by Olivia Francis, H & H concentrates on the detail and cut in their design, taking inspiration in colour and understatement from the traditions of the City of London. As you can see above, they have some nice Bombay stripes in their collection.

Why Hamilton & Hare?

What distinguishes the Hamilton & Hare boxer short? H & H's Sales Director, Monty Halliday, explains:

"There are two features to the cut of our boxers which make them comfy and flattering.

"First, the waistband is flat at the back and front, and elasticated only on the sides. This means they sit nicely under a pair of trousers without digging in to the waist - a common cause of discomfort for other boxer shorts. The sizes range from 30" - 38", allowing for a more specific fit to a man's waist size - I have often found on fully elasticated boxers that my size is somewhere between a small and medium, so I never sit in total comfort.

"Also, on the seat, the third panel of cotton has been taken out, meaning they not only look sharp when a man is wearing only his boxers, but they also don't wedge once trousers are put on. The thigh is also more fitted to avoid them looking too much like a short skirt.

"Currently, there is an emphasis in menswear on fine, well-cut cloths. We believe that underwear should receive the same attention as properly fitting outerwear. Our Piccadilly collection is made from Royal Oxford cotton (2-ply), and the Lombard is made using poplins and twills (also 2-ply). The mother of pearl buttons are a smart little detail above the fly, and in the Lombard collection these have been dyed to match the colour of the boxers."

I think that explains it rather well.

Below you can see the White and Sky Tailored Boxer - part of their Lombard collection. The shorts have light blue detail in the stitching and gusset.


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