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Tailoring Tips for Germany

A friend of The Tweed Pig got in touch a while back and provided some excellent intelligence on bespoke Germany gathered from his frequent ops in that country. So that he can continue operating, we'll keep him anonymous. I can now move that scrap of paper from the mantelpiece reminding me to do something about this, as we're reproducing his tips here. Thanks Mr. Anonymous.

You can investigate the shops further when you're visiting the cities mentioned. Do get in touch if you have anything made or you're the shop itself, so we can drill down a bit further.

And a reminder for all you peacocks, whilst we're at it, that our pending Pin-ups list is running low.


Purwen and Radczun
Purwen and Radczun is a Berlin tailor and shirtmaker. The cutter was trained at Anderson and Sheppard.


Heinz-Josef Radermacher
Heinz-Josef Radermacher is a Düsseldorf tailor and shirtmaker.
Our friend's top tip: he regards them as the best tailors in Germany.

Frankfurt am Main

Atelier Bechtloff
Atelier Bechtloff is a bespoke shirtmaker in Frankfurt. Fine attention to detail.


Vickermann and Stoya
Vickermann and Stoya is a Baden-Baden shoemaker. Some nice leather choices: eel, crocodile, ostrich, water buffalo, kangaroo and the wonderful shagreen or stingray leather, which is very difficult to work with apparently. The best shoemaker in Germany, says our dear friend.


Here's a bonus tip for German-speaking Vienna, one of Tweedy's favourite cities.
Viennese tailor and shirtmaker Netousek make all the clothes for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Tweedy's Outrageous Request: I wouldn't mind a list of German cabaret venues next. Places to wear these clothes. Do you have a book of splendid addresses for your home town that you know our readers would appreciate? Do the decent thing and pop it in an envelope and send it to Tweed Towers so we can spread the message. It's okay, the addresses won't fall into the wrong hands. The Tweed Pig readers are a bloody decent lot. You'd be proud to see them patronising your cherished establishments.  


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