A Smashing Shave in Split

Having a couple of days to spend in Split, Croatia, I tried to fit in a little bit of investigation for The Tweed Pig. I found some interesting hand-made shoes in the Green Market. They had what seemed like old car tyre as a sole, which was nailed to the upper. Quite ugly, but quite unique. I should have taken a photo. Sloppy work.

Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful city, with lots to entertain and surprise, particularly within the walls of the Diocletian's Palace - the most complete Roman palace in existence. Hell of a lot of Australians around. They were being matey seemingly everywhere.

Surprisingly, considering Croatia is reputedly the home of the cravat - whence it gets its name - there was little tie action to be found. It was blisteringly hot though, mid-30s. Linen trousers and sea-island cotton polo shirts were the order of the day.   

However - and its always something I seek out in a new place - I did find an old-school barber's shop where I could get a no-nonsense haircut and a good wet shave. (A good barber's shop where you can get an unfussy shave and haircut is definitely a consideration for the Tweed Pig Index of Civilised Cities.) 

Recollections of the shave and haircut. See how it compares with your local barber:
  • Shave
    • Shaving cream applied with brush.
    • Two passes with an open razor. First going with the direction of the beard. Second going against the direction.
    • Open razor with disposable blade used on ears and back of neck. 
    • Cold water splashed on the shaved face.
    • Alum rubbed on neck.  
    • Ralon Classic applied over face (see below).
  •  Haircut
    • Clippers applied to back and around ears.
    • Hair washed.
    • Scissor work in which the scissors were held in a very becoming pen style. 
    • More work on the ears with clippers and scissors. Three instruments used on ears. (Starting to think I have pretty hairy ears.)
    • A parting and brush into shape. Bit of wax to hold.
    • Dab of cologne behind ears.
    • Talc brushed on neck.
A very agreeable start to the day. Well cut hair and a refreshing close shave - although it was not quite as close as a shave I had in Rhodes - facial hair refused to appear for almost three days. Downside to that one was the old duffer had cut me to ribbons.

The medical side of after-shaves

Intrigued by the sweet medicinal whiff coming from the application of Ralon Classic after my shave, I bought a bottle. A souvenir. Uncompromising label, shall we say. The composition includes camphor, sorbitol, boric acid, menthol and citronella. Unlikely to attract celebrity endorsements (or mosquitoes), which is something I suppose.


  1. Once you run out of Ralon and want more, you'll probably have an easier time getting Pitralon aftershave, made in Switzerland. Try manufactum.co.uk

    1. Thanks. Ah, the Pitralon bottle is identical (apart from the name). I like Manufactum. I always divert to their shop in Munich when I'm in town.


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