Floris Show their Latin Side with Mahon Leather

Floris releases Mahon Leather - a new perfume for men

A new gentleman's scent from English perfumers Floris has launched this month. It celebrates the Minorcan heritage of their founder Juan Floris. Mahon Leather - Mahon is the capital of Minorca - is a masculine, all-season scent, with a warm, lingering aroma of leather, a touch of spice, and the clean and woody smell of vetiver.       

Since I got my hands on a bottle, I've found it suitable for work and evening - hitting just the right notes of lightness and sophistication. De repente, El Tweed Pig siente sangre espanola en sus venas.

Breaking News - Floris to be probed

So pleased was I with this scent, that I've given young Mrs Tweed instructions to find out a little more about Floris. One of her infamously penetrating interviews with a big fish at Floris is coming soon.

Mahon Leather combines the scent of the warm liqueur Calent, an infusion of wine and spices dating back to ancient times, paired with the exhilarating aroma of leather tack worn by the Minorcan Horse, symbolic of most cultural celebrations and fiestas on the island. Key notes of leather and saffron woven into the elegant heart of vetiver, underscored by deep woods and amber. - FLORIS


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