Being Beige - William Lockie (1874)

Beige Rage

How exciting to live life in beige. The most subversive of the colours. The fashion crowd will try and persuade you it's a boring colour. I'll tell you something, their beloved black is a boring colour. And it's not even a colour. We're beige and proud.

Add that beige to knitwear and you're being almost revolutionary in your subversively conservative garb.

(Beige looks nice with black though.)

Here's a knitwear label you may want to seek out: William Lockie. Lockie is based—where else?—in Hawick, the knitwear capital of Scotland.

They do some nice cashmere and camel hair numbers. The Windsor Shawl Collar Jacket in 2-ply camel hair above is without doubt a timeless classic.

Ken Nordine - Serious Beigeness

Ken Nordine, the word-jazzer, got the measure of beige on his 1967 album Colors. [Amazon]

Each track on the album features a different colour, and Nordine has made word associations to give a story and personality to each. He charmingly delivers these stories in a smooth vocal over a free-form jazz soundtrack, the words as deep or as silly as you want to read into them.


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