Who We Are

What is The Tweed Pig?

The Tweed Pig is a rolling periodical that features timeless classics and hidden gems, uncovering the best from Britain and beyond to a global readership. From a male perspective, we champion artistry, heritage and craftsmanship over fleeting fashion and trends. We're interested in the attention to detail that goes into creating something that lasts.

We do it all ourselves here at Tweed Towers. We don't pay for subscribers or give ourselves silly titles like 'menswear influencer' or 'style authority'. Nor do we throw the term 'luxury' at everything, because it is confused with indulgence; and seeking out quality and craftsmanship, and things that are made to last, should never infer extravagance.

Our recent victories include putting pride back in the nation, saving western civilisation, pushing back the worst excesses of globalisation and single-handedly rescuing British manufacturing.

Fierce Independence

In order to retain complete independence, we do not charge to feature anything you see on this site. We like something, we write about it. We also turn down all offers of publishing marketing features written by third-party PR and advertising agencies. In principle, we would consider it impossible to retain impartiality by opening ourselves up to paid features.

What Counts as a Classic or Hidden Gem?

Anything that has proven to stand the test of time or is engineered to do precisely this. It could be a pair of hand-cut shoes or even a song that has a melody or lyrics that are still saying something. And, of course, anything constructed from tweed.

What is Your Comments Policy?

We take great delight in receiving reasoned and thoughtful comments, but unreasonable and thoughtless ones are fine too. We just ask that you refrain from bad language and don't be too obvious if you're trying to promote yourself/something.

Can I Submit an Unsolicited Article About Something I'm Eager to Get Off My Chest?

By all means. If it's similar in style and substance to the gen we normally offer, send, send. We can only say, 'No way!'

Can I send You Information or a Sample on an Exciting New Product?

We gratefully welcome information on new products — and who doesn't like a gift? — but if you’re a fashion promoter looking for a review of your client's seasonal picks, please look at what we cover to make sure the effort of contacting us hasn't been wasted.
The Tweed Pig only ever covers things we like. For information on our samples policy, please drop a line to Mrs T for details.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

If you're a company interested in sponsorship or wishing to advertise with us and reach our global audience, contact us. Everything has a price. We're not proud.

How Can I help?

I'm glad you brought that up. Whether you're an individual or a company, why not head along to our donation page and help make a difference to the world and help us fight the good fight.

Picture courtesy of Mark Gizzi at Gizzi Leather

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