Keeping Cool

You wanna live in this lousy world? Stay cool, cooly cool, my old stick. Pretty flowers need the sun. This applies to everyone. Fact. But if you were caught out somewhat by the recent heatwave, you need to keep the clothing cool, simple and cool.
Talcum powder layer
The base layer should be minimal, basically talc; aim for squeaky clean and talced, with a heavy application of cologne like das wunder wasser. Hair should scraped from the face in a Bowie '76 or Lucan style.

D. R. Harris and the St James's "T's" — Trumpers, Taylor's and Truefitt — supply nice talcum powders. Actually, Truefitt doesn't stock talcum powder, but maybe they should — it's a gentleman's essential. Yardley also does a smashing English Lavender talc and Acqua di Palma does one to match their timeless cologne.

Taylor's Sandalwood talc is lovely and you can match with soap, shaving cream and aftershave.

Cool clothes from Timothy Everest

Timothy Everest is ahead of the curve in terms of supplying the coolest of summer clothes without compromising on style. Here we see the perfectly matched — in terms of lightness and texture — White Weave Cuban Shirt and Cashew Brown Seersucker Box Shorts. You will definitely reach for clothes like this when it's boiling hot.

The guayabera-style short-sleeved shirt with revere spread collar is made in Japan from a Japanese textured cotton.

Reminds one of the shirts beloved of a John Wayne and Gary Cooper when they holidayed together. Nice Madras shorts Gary.

The shorts are made in Portugal from a seersucker blend of cotton and wool. Wool is breathable and has superb temperature regulating properties, and should never be dismissed in summer. The shorts sit at just above the knee.

For jolly, you can add the matching three-button Windsor jacket.

Shoes to choose
Timothy recommends and stocks the fantastic Sanders Playboy Boot to wear with your seersucker suit— with Sanders' unmistakable crepe sole silhouette.

It's a great choice of shoe. Another option might be the exceptional Cheaney Bertie sandal in calf leather. A classic British sandal.

Daft as a daisy
Colour me British —or daft as a daisy —but I'm wearing socks with my shorts and sandals. And with this rig, it can only be my turquoise 'Corgi blues' signature socks from Corgi Hosiery. They now do the turquoise in a handy four-pack for bulk buying.

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