The Resurrection of the Donkey Jacket

For reasons I can't fathom, an old post on a now unavailable donkey jacket has gone 'viral'. I mean crazy, off-the-scale popular. If this means that people are desperately seeking out an authentic woollen British donkey jacket, then I hope I'm helping by directing them firstly to the site of George Keys (1870).

The Original George Keys Donkey Jacket is made in England with a wax cotton shoulder panel. The coat has patch pockets to the front and buttons to the cuff.

Leather-shouldered alternative
Alternatively, Lewis Leathers produces a traditional leather-shouldered donkey jacket (below). It's not showing on their UK website, I think it's a seasonal option, so an enquiry might be in order if you wish to take that route — and a foot tap, as you wait for winter to return again.
Last donkey's years
Either option is ideal for donkey work and will be sure to last you donkey's years. (I do apologise.)

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