Henley Royal Regatta - Punters & Patrons

Henley Royal Regatta has taken sponsors for the first time in its 178 year history. BremontAston Martin and Hackett become official partners.

And this year you will be able to watch the events live here. Be sure to set a reminder. The dates for this year's event are the 28th of June to the 2nd of July.


Henley-on-Thames-based watchmaker Bremont is a superb fit. Bremont becomes the official timing partner to the regatta. Co-founders Nick and Giles English named Bremont after a French farmer who helped them when they had to make an emergency landing in a vintage biplane they were flying.

That's Nick to the left in the photo below, with rowing legends and Henley ambassadors Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Mathew Pinsent aport.

And here is Nick flying a Spitfire in the photo below. Bravo, sir!

The brothers developed an enthusiasm for watchmaking from their father Euan, 'an ex-RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering who was passionate about mechanical timepieces'.

Nick says: 'As a British luxury watch brand, Bremont is passionate about reinvigorating this once booming British industry. In the past 15 years we have made considerable strides in this direction as we endeavour to strengthen Henley-on-Thames as the home of British watchmaking.' An extended Bravo, sir!

Bremont values British engineering greatly. Recognising Great Britain as 'home to more advances in horology than any other nation', the company's ethos is to base as much of the watch making process in the UK as possible — the watches are designed, manufactured and assembled in England.

I'm fascinated by Bremont's collection of watches available exclusively to the military. Amongst this range they make watches for pilots of specific fighter aircraft, the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines. Here we see an RMC, available to serving and retired Royal Marines.

As a civvy, I think I would go for one of their SOLO automatic chronometer models of watch (below). The SOLO is based on classic pilot watches from the 1940s. Available in variations of case size and dials, the SOLO has Bremont's Trip-Tick case, which is 'seven times more scratch resistant than typical watch-grade steel'.

What a great company, and headed by our kind of chaps.

Do remind me to return and do some in-depth rummaging on Bremont sometime.

Aston Martin

Maginificent carmaker Aston Martin will be providing transport at the regatta. The 104-year-old company will also showcase a collection of their sports cars made at Gaydon in Warwickshire.

Just taking the Aston Martin out for a quick spin, Q

The DB11, James Bond's latest runaround, will no doubt be on show.


Hackett is the official clothing partner for regatta. As such, they've created a clothing range for the event that's all boating stripes and Henley colours and emblems.

Many of the items in the collection are sporty and suited for active rowers, but there are a few items better suited for the drinks marquee — where you will find us, of course.

I rather like the Henley Royal Regatta Pair Row Stripe Tie (below) in silk with its rowing motif. Odd that the description of the tie describes the 'infamous' Henley Royal Regatta. Infamous?

The Henley Royal Regatta Pair Row Striped trousers in wool with Henley emblem could be fun when worn with a navy blazer.


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