Grosgrain Watchbands from Brooks Brothers

Watch Strap for the Weekend

Did you order the Rattigan snake belt from Darcy's? Since we also mentioned them, I think we should now overdo the striped and strappy theme by looking at grosgrain ribbon watchbands.

I've been looking around for straps you could wear at the weekend and on your summer hols — a watchband to add a little summer sportiness to your traditional dress watch.

The Stripe Watchband from Brooks Brothers is made from nylon and is adjustable to the size of wrist. The watchbands are available in a number of striped combinations. You need a slim watch with super clear black numerals on a white dial and no other adornments. I'm not saying you should use one of these straps with your Loomes, but they look best with that kind of traditional watch face.

I prefer nylon, but silk grosgrain straps are an alternative. Silk straps are thin on the ground, prone to stains and are less robust, but they can be an attractive alternative.

The Brooks straps have a rather nice brass Golden Fleece button on the hoop.

Here we see the green, navy and red combination.

Below we have the burgundy, gold and navy combination.


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