Doolally Tap for Cream and Blue

Accomplished Paul Stuart Combination

The traditionally-dressed world is going doolally tap for blue and cream combinations this summer.

Paul Stuart have it somewhat perfect with this Chambray Blue Twill Cashmere Sports Jacket in the colour of cornflowers.

The jacket has patch pockets, notched lapels and side vents, and fairly propels one out of any hint of dullness.

Beneath  the blue we have the Cream Linen & Silk Trousers. The hue is the clean white of single cream rather than the off-white you get with clotted cream.

The trousers are a flat-fronted affair with a straight leg. The D-ring side-adjusters can be a sensible option for light trousers. With the best will in the world, a belt can leave a mark on such a delicate fabric over time.

I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach
You're right in thinking they would make an excellent pair of trousers for a romantic stroll along a beach, but you might want to roll up the trouser legs. And if your beloved gets cold, you could place that jacket on their shoulders.

The gesture would be an undoubted hit — a love sending arrows pointed to the heart situation — but you need to gauge that they're the type of person who can respect other people's possessions. You don't want to be wracked with anxiety as soon as you've handed it over. Imagine they placed the jacket on the sand to sit on it — a terrifying thought.


  1. Perfect attire for listening to the mermaids singing.

  2. Hi Tweedy
    That's a lovely outfit. I understand that Paul Stuart is an American company. Do they have any outlets in the U.K.?
    David A.

    1. Thanks David. Sadly not yet. They do international shipping though. I will speak to them about the UK situation and post if there is any news.


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