Bones for Breakfast at Hawksmoor

Bones and Eggs

I know we've only recently published a post about bones, but it turns out that you people are crazy about them. First we had Bertie from Melbourne reminding us that Tom Parker-Bowles has a fine recipe for Devilled Bones in his book Full English: A Journey through the British and Their Food; then another reader got in touch to suggest that we should all head over to the Hawksmoor Guildhall in the City for the best 'power breakfast in London' and 'tongue to tail' beef eating. Thanks for both recommendations.

God's truth! Just look at what you get on the Hawksmoor Breakfast for Two:
Smoked bacon chop, sausages, (made with pork, beef, & mutton), black pudding, short-rib bubble & squeak, grilled bone marrow, trotter baked beans, fried eggs, grilled mushrooms, roast tomatoes, HP gravy, unlimited toast
When you think about it, grilled bone marrow belongs on an English breakfast. More please, British cooks. I'm sure its presence has historical precedence.

If we're ordering Hawksmoor's breakfast, then it should be started with a Marmalade Cocktail — one of Hawksmoor's 'anti-fogmatics' made with gin, Campari, lemon juice, orange bitters and English marmalade — to open the appetite.

I can't think of a better way to start the day ahead than with this winning combination. If you beg to differ, and think Hawksmoor's offerings can be matched — Surely not beaten? — feel free to add a comment below. Better still, get in touch with the English Breakfast Society who are experts in this field and would value the intel.

Tweedy's Note: Good news for readers from the former British colonies. Hawksmoor will be moving in to Tower Three of the new World Trade Center Centre in New York next year. Prepare your bib. I can see our good friend Tom Keene over at Bloomberg New York enjoying one of these breakfasts.


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