Are Your Trousers Lovely?

Just when I thought I was Out...Trousers Pull me Back In

I sometimes think about cutting back on the posts on clothes. Can I really say anything more about sweaters? Who cares? Besides, know-it-all, self-important chroniclers of men's clothes are ten-a-penny nowadays.

From the correspondence I receive on this subject, readers of The Tweed Pig regard them as completely interchangeable — just change the banner. I would never betray a confidence, but one very distinguished reader is highly peeved by a particular writer who specialises in dry-as-dust, surgical dissections of clothes, and seems to be stamped into the marketing material of every other clothing company we care about. I don't wish to arouse that level of opprobrium — hence the thoughts about bowing out on the clobber front. But...

...I then spy something else that tickles my fancy and the urge to pass on the intel proves too great. Call it clothes madness — an incurable case.

So it was with these delightful trousers by New & Lingwood. Don't most other trousers we know and love pale in comparison? You have to be very careful about what you combine with these trousers. I'm reading a book on the history of dandies at the moment (more on that later), and these could very easily verge into fop territory if you don't keep things muted elsewhere. We don't want to stand out too much; although it's hard not to when everyone around you is wearing Superdry anoraks.

The All Ireland Tartan Trousers have side adjusters and brace buttons, rather than belt hoops, which keep things neat and tidy at the waist. I wouldn't recommend a colour for the braces for these trousers until I see what you're wearing with them.

By the way, I've been wondering about leather braces. Has anybody tried them? Are they light enough, comfortable? Perhaps our excellent chums at Equus might consider adding them to their product line. I would be looking for a pair on the same level of quality as Equus' stunning belts.


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