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Something for Your Next Race Meeting

I flicked through the autumn/winter Paul Stuart catalogue and singled the rig out above as a possible for your next race meeting. What should you like about it? I'm sure you'll like the man-sized tie and collar. You might say from this angle that they're a little too big for the lapel of the jacket, but the collars fill the opening nicely.

The outfit has an undeniable elegance you always get from our favourite Anglo-American outfitters. Let's zoom in...

No, we see that our concerns about scale are unfounded. We're looking good.

Note how the purple lines of the plaid in the jacket match with the colours on the print of the tie and cotton twill shirt. Finishing off with what looks like red needlecord trousers completes the picture very satisfactorily.

Note also that building checks on checks, as with the tie and jacket, and mixing patterns works as long as the colours complement. It's a very English approach to dressing. The chap above wouldn't look out of place at the Badminton Horse Trials, apart from the all-American handsomeness. We just need some outdoorsy windburn on that face.

The jacket is made from Scottish lambswool of a full canvas construction, with slanted hacking pockets and with a throat latch on the lapel.

The Equestrian-themed tie — perfect for horse events — is hand-made in the USA of printed Italian silk and cashmere, self-tipped and looped with wool interlinings. It's one of those patterns that come around and then it's unlikely to be seen again. You know what to do.


  1. Tweedy i was looking out for you only this afternoon at the wincanton meeting,but sadly didnt clock you,though there ws plenty of tweed about!
    keep up the great work tweedy.

    1. There in spirit James. In fact, I'm more of an idea than a person. Best wishes, Tweedy


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