Klhip Tools for Humans

Ultimate Nail Clipper

You may be able to tell a gentleman by his shoes —some would say specifically the sole of his shoes when kneeling in church — but attention is invariably directed at the condition of hair and nails to get a snapshot of general grooming habits. (Unless confronted by ear plates or a septum piercing, then first thoughts may never get beyond the naffness of the facial trinkets.) On the nails front — overgrown fingernails on a man can induce horror, indicating a terrifying laxity in matters hygienic.

Keeping nails trimmed needn't be a chore when introducing the right tools. I've been more than content with using the excellent Swiss-made Rubis nail clippers to keep my nails in good order; but then along come the fellows you see above and below and, well, the old apple cart is somewhat upset.

Looking slightly terrific, the Khlip Ultimate Clipper arouses a sudden sense of inconsolable desire — or sehnsucht —in the heart.  I go like that sometimes.

I'm sure I can accommodate more than one pair of clippers by keeping a pair for travel.

Billed as the 'world's first ergonomically correct nail clipper', the Khlip Ultimate Clipper puts you firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to clipping nails. The ingenious mechanism — borne of Khlip's 'obsession with design and egonomics' — means that the clipping lever has been reversed to give more control and increased leverage.

The clippers are built from surgical stainless steel with engineered blades offering a smooth cut and a cavity to stop clippings from flying all over the bathroom. The clippers are made in Japan with assembly in Vietnam.

Festooned with awards from around the world, I sense a future classic in the world of nail clippers.

Remember though, after clipping the nails it shouldn't end there. Always use a clean and sanitary nail brush to give them a nice polish over the top. Don't think people won't notice.


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